Achieve Goals with Meticulously Designed Plans and Strategies

We help businesses thrive and grow with taking basic yet crucial steps, i.e. market research, feasibility study, business plan development, and strategic planning, for them.

With powerful foundation, the management team of the business can properly plan and control operations in the company, monitor and assess KPIs, and finally rearrange strategies if needed.

Our Services

Our expert team help you create all documents essential for your business operations management

Business Plan

Professionally-crafted business plan that outlines the goals your company is going to achieve, the objectives’ timelines, and strategies, will enlighten your path and increase your chances of getting loans or securing fundings.

Company Presentation

We help you build a concise yet comprehensive and professional company presentation that can attract new clients, employees, and investors into your business and the service you provide.

Feasibility Study

We help you evaluate the viability of your business idea, ensuring that it can be executed technically and justified financially, and assess the practicality of your proposed plan so that you can take strategic management decisions.

Financial Models

Detailed mathematical calculations should be performed to evaluate the financial aspects of your business, including cash flow, income statement, balance sheets, etc., within a period of 5 to 10 years.

Market Research

Our market study document can help you choose a proper location for your business to launch and grow and plan a detailed go-to-market strategy, by collecting information on your target audience, potential customers, buying habits, etc.

Pitch Deck

Our team can build an engaging pitch deck with concise presentation of your business goals, plans, and financials. The pitch deck together with other documents such as detailed business plan can help you attract investors discussing funding possibilities.

Rocket Gear's Benefits

By becoming your true partner in the process of generating your plans, strategies, and documents, we will boost your company’s establishment and growth.

Expert Team

Our team of writers brings a wealth of experience as accomplished entrepreneurs and business advisors.

Quality Work

We ensure the timely creation of high-quality documents crucial for the management and operation of your business.

Trusted Network

With a network of partners in investing, software development, etc., we can help you achieve your goals beyond document generation.

Start Making Change In Your Operations

We at Rocket Gear help you get all you may need from crucial documents for your business, from forming your business strategies, timelines, and operations, to opportunities for securing funding from investores.

Service Types

Based on their stage, size, field of operation, strategy, and targets, a business may need different documents

Startup Advisory

We help startups achieve their business vision and goals with our comprehensive strategy advisory services and document generation packages.

Business Expansion

We help established startups and businesses grow by funding or secure exit plans by creating business plans, company presentations, and detailed financial models.

Digital Transformation

We help businesses find the fastest and the most efficient path to revising their business plan, strategies, and products specifications towards complete digitization.