About us

Professional Business Plan Writers

RocketGear is a team of business and design professionals that provides comprehensive roadmap services to generate high-quality documents for businesses in different industries and stages. We work closely with executives to investigate and research the essential core of their business, draft a first version of the essential documents, and revise it until the final version is handed over.

Our goal is to help businesses make changes in their operations and equip them with crucial documents such as business strategies, business plans, investor pitch decks, timelines, and funding opportunities. Take a powerful step towards your goals with our robust plans and strategies, crafted by experienced writers and entrepreneurs.


A comprehensive roadmap that guarantees high quality document generation for our clients.


Working closely with top executive, the essential core of your business, the idea, industry, target markets, etc. will be investigated.

Research & Drafting

Our team will start doing research based on your requested documents and create a first draft that needs further analysis.

Revision & Finalization

The document will evolve in time through a back and forth process of evaluation and revision and the final version will be handed to you.

Start Making Change In Your Operations

At Rocket Gear, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the creation of essential business documents such as strategic plans, operational timelines, and funding proposals to help you achieve your business goals.

Take a powerful step towards your goals with robust plans and strategies

Our team of skilled entrepreneurs and professional writers provide your business with the essential documents you require at every stage of your journey.

Business Plan

Financial Model

Market Research

Corporate Presentation

Feasibility Study

Pitch Deck